Martina Richter MBA

richter 730 01

Masters degree in Business Administration (FH, University of Applied Sciences), MBA IC, freelance Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer


General Information and Résumé:

  • Graduated in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources Management at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
  • MBA in International Consulting at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Additional qualifications: trainer certification of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AdA-Schein), didactics


  • Business consulting with a focus on market entry China for six years
  • Freelance consultant, facilitator, and trainer in economic and scientific areas since 2009

Main Focuses and Key Activities:

  • Didactic methodology trainings
  • Leadership and management trainings
  • Facilitation
  • Professional support for organizational development processes
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